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 I went to BJ Paul and I was shooting in the low 80's consistently. I have worked with him for over 2 years. I am now consistently shooting low 70's and breaking par. He's a fantasic coach and an even better person.


- Tim Tynan University of Illinois Weslyan



I have worked with BJ the past several years and he has really improved my game. I am striking the ball much more consistently with improved ball flight and distance control. Our work around the greens has really paid off. My confidence over the putter and short game in general has steadily improved.


- Will LaBahn



My game was chronically pathetic and needed serious work. BJ helped me immensely, he was patient and determined very quickly where my problems were. He brought me through them without overloading me and had me hitting the ball well in a very short period of time. Golf is fun again and I have BJ to thank for that,


- Angelo Ippolito



"My golf skill from 10 years old to now at the age of 30 has had a various range. I was a scratch golfer around 20 and then I gained a lot a weight. Then I had a weight loss surgery and lost my swing completely. BJ has been working with me to rebuild my swing for about 6 months. His patience and knowledge has been overwhelmingly impressive. I had golf lessons in the past from other pros and they just wanted paid and then "next"... They did temperature adjustments to hit the ball better. They didn't try to make me better consistently in longevity. BJ would actually call me randomly to see how applying the lesson was going and see if I needed pointers. I'm excited he's out on his own now to get more out of his teaching gift"Brandon


- "BJ" Cooke


I have worked with B.J. for just over two years. He has a great way of using your strengths. My goal was to shoot in the low 90's, but with his help it's more like the upper 80's. He really helped with my short game. I have to say after talking lessons from other Pro's, his approach to the swing and practice always make me feel the I can reach my goals. Thanks again B.J.


- Stanley Krasinski

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